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Volume 1 - Issue 1 - July 2022- pp.1-29

Health Care Students and Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Plagiarism.

  • Waqar M. Naqvi
  • Gargi Nimbulkar
  • Chaitanya A. Kulkarni
  • Om Wadhokar
  • Akshay M. Nimje
  • Shyam V. Chaudhari
July 12, 2022


The study is a quest for evidence. In building public trust, the consistency, knowledge, reliability, and credibility of scientific researchers as well as the authenticity of their work is important. It is the author's prerogative whether to publish plagiarised content or not, this  cross-sectional study analyzed students’ & professionals of health care’ perceptions of plagiarism. The study was conducted at a medical university, where 1452 respondents were included. A multidisciplinary collaborative analysis consisting of 29 questions was performed on "Attitudes towards Plagiarism" at the university level. Out of 1112 out of 1452 responded giving a response rate of 76.5%. The Mean age of respondents was 28.6±7.9 years. There were 30.6% male and 69.4% female respondents. In this study, 290(26.1%) faculty members, 456(41%) postgraduates, 321(28.9%) interns, and 45(4%) final years were taken into consideration. The mean attitude score was 90.67 where a positive attitude was seen in 560(50.4%) and a negative attitude was seen in 552(49.6%) respondents. The attitude of health care students and faculty reflects the incomplete awareness with which plagiarism is interpreted. Among postgraduate, faculty, and students, knowledge of plagiarism should be strengthened, which clearly states that healthcare professionals have a positive attitude towards plagiarism.