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Volume 1 - Issue 1 - July 2022- pp.1-29

Impact of Brain-gym as an Exercise Program on Sleep Quality in Young Adults: A Research Hypotheses.

  • Chaitanya A. Kulkarni
  • Om C. Wadhokar
  • Waqar M. Naqvi
  • Akshay M. Nimje
July 23, 2022


Evolving times and improvements in the era of technology have taken a toll on human fitness. About 60% of the populace presently suffers from bad sleep quality, and 7. 7% meet the criteria of an insomnia disease. Poor sleep exceptional is unbridled in every age organization accordingly a non-pharmacological cure is slowly turning into a necessity of the instances. Mind fitness center physical activities are a robust contender in the race. But nevertheless, a variety of work must be accomplished to ultimately finish its efficacy as a treatment. We recommend speculation that Brain Gym activities can be a successful intervention for improving sleep and treating mild to moderate insomnia.