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Review Article

Volume 1 - Issue 1 - July 2022- pp.1-29

Menstrual Cup: An advanced and safer alternative for menstrual hygiene an overview.

  • Akhila Puranik
  • Anshita Gulati
July 12, 2022


With the growing environmental concerns with the usage of non-biodegradable sanitary napkins along with its hygienic issues, it is the need for us to look at other, already available, environmental friendly, and safer alternatives. The menstrual cup, widely available in the market is an alternative still not taken advantage of, to avail its maximum benefits by the females in India. Various NGOs in countries like Kenya, and South Africa have campaigns to increase the awareness as well as product utility by the females. Menstrual cups are mostly made up of silicon, latex, or a thermoplastic isomer, which even though are not completely biodegradable but the waste from the single cup, which can be used for a minimum period of 9 months before it is discarded is less than the waste produced by the sanitary napkins over the entire period of 9 months. Even with so many advantages, the actual usage is low. Therefore the need of this review was to analyze all the previous studies and research about the overall knowledge and acceptability and how we can uplift the ways of awareness, especially in the rural females were advising about such alternatives is neglected. Bibliometrics R studio was used for the purpose of extraction of yearly publications and the growth and the variations in the research published were reviewed.